Two WWE Contracts Expiring This Week

WWE Logo over Roster

Two members of the NXT roster are set to become free agents in a matter of days.

Despite previous reports stating that they were done with WWE, The Dyad’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid, also known as The Grizzled Young Veteran’s Zack Gibson and James Drake are contracted to the company for a few more days. As reported by Fightful Select, the tag team’s contracts expire on Saturday, October 14th.

The report goes on to say that Fowler and Reid are expected to officially leave at that point and not re-sign a new deal. Despite previously asking for their releases, the duo were not a part of the layoffs that took place on September 21st. After defeating The Creed Brothers in a loser leaves NXT match on June 27th, the former NXT Tag Team Champions would make their return in August.

The Creed Brothers would battle The Dyad inside a steel cage on August 29th where if The Creeds were victorious they would be allowed back on NXT. Brutus and Julius Creed won what would be The Dyad’s final match for the company.

The Dyad’s WWE Journey

The tag team would become known to the fans for their work in NXT UK as the aforementioned Grizzled Young Veterans. The duo would be crowned the first-ever Tag Team Champions of the promotion, eventually moving to the USA branch following the closure of NXT UK. Fowler and Reid would later align themselves with Joe Gacy, with the group being collectively known as schism.