WWE Stars Officially Reinstated On The Roster

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Two WWE stars are back on the roster following NXT.

Prior to the 29th of August edition of NXT, the Creed Brothers last competed in a WWE ring back in June when they lost a Loser Leaves NXT match to The Dyad. That result might well have caught some fans by surprise given The Dyad’s insistence that they are set to leave WWE when their contracts expire in the next few months but instead, it was Julius and Brutus Creed that were banished.

Many had expected the stars to wind up on the main roster as a result but a return to NXT looked more likely when in recent weeks, masked figures have been interfering in The Schism’s matches, and at Heatwave what many expected was finally confirmed.

The Creed Brothers unmasked after Ava unwittingly fled with them as they were disguised as The Schism’s followers, they demanded a Steel Cage match with The Dyad and if they won, they’d be back on NXT.

The Creed Brothers are back on the WWE NXT roster

On NXT, the two teams clashed but Julius Creed was forced to fight much of the bout as a handicap match after The Schism’s followers carried Brutus away before he could enter the cage.

Brutus Creed fought his way back to the match and ripped the cage door off to enter the ring before using the door as a weapon to help his brother defeat The Dyad and become reinstated on the NXT roster once again. After the bout, the Creeds celebrated with Ivy Nile as the Diamond Mine was together again.