Triple H’s Will Ospreay Comments Aged Like Milk Says Dave Meltzer

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Will Ospreay stole the show at AEW Dynasty and after another wrestling clinic, Dave Meltzer thinks beyond any doubt Triple H’s comments about him have not aged well.

Will Ospreay won a wrestling classic against Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty as he continues to rack up career-defining wins. The win did not come without controversy, however, as Will Ospreay has vowed to retire one move after a serious injury scare in the bout.

Previously, Ospreay stole the headlines when he clapped back at Triple H’s derogatory comments aimed at him on Dynamite with the WWE boss seemingly questioning the star’s commitment as a reason he didn’t want him in WWE.

Triple H “Blew It” With Will Ospreay

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was again wowed by Ospreay’s performance at Dynasty and thinks Triple H’s comments about him look very silly in hindsight:

I was watching this match and we’ve talked about this before but those Triple H comments aged like milk, like stale milk. There is no way you can watch this guy with any kind of straight face and go ‘he’s not good enough for us, his attitude’s not good enough.’

There’s no criticism other than you blew it. You didn’t make a competitive offer and that’s that.

For Will Ospreay’s part, he was asked about his jab back at Triple H and says he won’t be lowering himself to WWE’s level in the future so won’t be referencing anyone from that company.

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