Will Ospreay Retires Move After Serious AEW Injury Scare

Will Ospreay AEW Dynasty

Will Ospreay was part of a show-stealing dream match at AEW Dynasty but a serious injury scare threatened to overshadow the whole event.

Will Ospreay took on Bryan Danielson for the first time ever as two of the best in the world did battle. The match was sure to be a classic before the bell even rang and the fans in St. Louis were treated to exactly that as the two men did battle for over half an hour before Ospreay picked up another career-making victory.

However, before Ospreay put Danielson away with the Hidden Blade, the English star nailed The American Dragon with a Storm Driver ’91. Following that move, the referee called medical help into the ring to look over Danielson as worry mounted in the arena. Ospreay then hit the Hidden Blade for the win but Danielson was checked over after the match as well although he was able to walk to the back.

Will Ospreay Apologises For Injury Scare

At the post-show media scrum, Will Ospreay confirmed that given the worry over Danielson’s health as a result of the move, he will no longer be using it and he apologised to everyone involved:

I’m super glad that everybody enjoyed the match. A little bit of a dampener on how it’s all kind of the dust has settled now. I’ve reviewed the footage myself. Seeing Bryan got hurt on the Storm Driver, and I didn’t see the referee call for the doctor and I didn’t see it. So I want to apologise on that.

[…] So even though like 90% of the time that moves been absolutely fine. Seeing the damage that it’s kind of done. I’m going to retire using the Storm Driver ’91.

I don’t think it’s right for me to continue using it after seeing what it did to Bryan, someone that I’ve got huge amounts of respect for, this was kind of my dream match. This is something I’ve wanted since I was a kid bruv. So to see the outcome. Although I’m happy when everyone enjoyed the match, I’m kind of disappointed in myself. So once again, I apologise to Bryan probably apologise to AEW medics, I apologise to Tony.

The belief is that the concern over Danielson could be more part of the storyline than real concern but given his history, perhaps caution is for the best when it comes to the health of Bryan Danielson.

There was more shock at AEW Dynasty as Jack Perry returned to the company to help crown new AEW Tag Team Champions.

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