Top WWE Stars Have Asked About CM Punk Returning To Company

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There are WWE superstars who have inquired about a potential return of CM Punk.

The WWE Survivor Series Premium Live Event will take place on Saturday, November 25th from the sold out Allstate Arena in Chicago, which just so happens to be the hometown of former WWE Champion CM Punk.

Ever since CM Punk was fired by All Elite Wrestling in September 2023 due to a backstage fight, there have been all kinds of rumors about what’s next for the straight-edge superstar who remains popular with a lot of fans.

During a lengthy Q&A on Fightful Select, Sean Ross Sapp answered questions regarding a possible WWE return for Punk. During the replies, Sapp noted that top WWE superstars were told that Punk wasn’t going to be at Survivor Series when the wrestlers asked about it. It was also noted that wouldn’t make sense for WWE to lie to these top talents. That’s because it “wouldn’t be beneficial to a great locker room.”

In addition to that, there are key names involved in the WWE creative process that were told that CM Punk isn’t coming in and that there are no creative plans for him.

There was an interesting note claiming that Punk told somebody he is close with that he was in contact with a WWE higher-up recently. However, the context of that conversation was not known.

Shinsuke Nakamura Teases Not Expected To Lead To CM Punk’s Return At Survivor Series

The Fightful Q&A also mentioned Shinsuke Nakamura issuing a challenge repeatedly on Raw to somebody that is unknown. Since Nakamura has used the GTS (Go To Sleep) move that CM Punk uses, it has led to some fan speculation that Nakamura could be calling out CM Punk.

It was reported by Fightful that Nakamura is not booked or advertised for WWE Survivor Series. The 2022 Survivor Series event had five matches and that’s how many are advertised for the 2023 edition of Survivor Series as well.

As wrestling fans know, anything is possible in WWE and a CM Punk return could still happen even if most people affiliated with the company have no idea. There have been major surprises in the past and there will be major surprises in the future as well.