Top WWE Star Defends Nia Jax Following Raw Return

Nia Jax

Not everyone may have been pleased to see Nia Jax back in WWE but one top star has leapt to her defence.

Nia Jax made her shocking return to WWE near the end of the September 11th edition of Raw. Raquel Rodriguez was challenging Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at the time and Jax took out Rodriguez to allow Ripley to retain her title.

After the bout, however, Nia Jax turned on Ripley as well, nailing the champion with a sickening Banzai Drop. The image of Nia Jax standing tall was the last one seen on WWE television under the ownership of Vince McMahon with the takeover by Endeavor going through the very next day.

Asuka defends Nia Jax after WWE return

Not everyone was thrilled by Jax’s return to WWE and many fans took to social media to complain and recall Nia Jax’s unfortunate history of handing out some injuries during her previous run in the company. But former WWE Women’s Champion Asuka was having none of it.

Taking to social media, Asuka responded to one fan who asked if WWE bringing Jax back was the right move, writing:

“That question is rude and bullying. You’re hurting her heart with this question. Are you really a person with a heart? If someone who has not been directly harmed by her denies her, I will fight the society for her. If I am criticized for it, I don’t care”

Asuka also cut down someone who brought up injuries suffered by Kairi Sane in a bout with Nia Jax:

“Wrestlers fight knowing that there is a possibility of injury. Kairi doesn’t blame anyone for her injuries. She is not stupid. But are you a victim?”

Kairi Sane is expected to be re-joining WWE in the near future so it remains to be seen if she will reform her partnership with Asuka or her rivalry with Jax on-screen.