Kairi Sane Announced For Show After WWE Return Confirmed

kairi sane wwe pirate

Kairi Sane has been announced for another independent wrestling show despite reportedly returning to WWE imminently.

News first broke of Sane making the return at the start of August, with more information being provided by the Inaugural IWGP Women’s Champion at a press conference, stating that she would be taking an “indefinite hiatus” following her final dates in Japan.

The last dates announced for Sane were Sendai Girls’ on September 2 and then All Japan on September 8. However, another promotion has since confirmed The Sky Pirate for an event later that month.

GLEAT Wrestling has announced that KAIRI will be making her debut for the promotion on September 20th as part of the Max Voltage show. At the time of writing, the appearance by KAIRI is all that has been announced and not any details regarding her match.

Why Did Kairi Sane Leave WWE?

Making an impact in the company right from the beginning, Sane was introduced to WWE fans by winning the first-ever Mae Young Classic Tournament. Sane would be featured prominently on NXT and the main roster until July 2020, when the former NXT Women’s Champion announced her imminent departure. Both parties left on good terms, as the company put out a goodbye video for Sane on their YouTube channel.

It is said that the change in leadership has been one of the reasons why the former Women’s Tag Team Champion is looking to return to the company, with Triple H reportedly factoring into Sane’s decision.