Top WWE Star Believes He Is “A Favorite” In The 2024 Royal Rumble

WWE Royal Rumble Arena

A current WWE Champion is confident of his chances in the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Gunther recently achieved a huge milestone in becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time after surpassing Honky Tonk Man’s 454-day run back in the 1980s.

That wasn’t the only record he broke in 2023, though, as he also had an impressive performance in the Royal Rumble match. The Ring General entered at Number 1 and went on to last for over 70 minutes before finally being eliminated last by the Number 30 entrant, Cody Rhodes. While he didn’t win, he believes he proved himself in the match.

Next year, he believes he can go a step further. Speaking to Wrasslinews, the Austrian star was asked if he plans to challenge for a world championship. He made it clear that was the “natural progression” and pointed out that if he enters the Rumble match, there’s a good chance he will win this time.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s the natural progression from now on, I think. But we will see where it goes. I’m the Intercontinental Champion. I’m not planning on losing the title. We’ll see.

“Rumble’s in a few months. If I’m in there, I think I’m one of the favorites. That would lead to WrestleMania. We’ll have to see.”

Gunther not surprised at record-setting WWE Intercontinental Championship reign

Since coming to the main roster, Gunther has been a dominant force and he is well aware of that fact. After becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion, the star was unsurprised, saying he had envisioned it happening from the moment he won the title.

“From the moment on I won this prestigious championship, I saw the vision. I envisioned this very moment, that I’m the one to redefine history, redefine the legacy of the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.