GUNTHER “Not Surprised” By Record-Setting Title Reign

Gunther WWE Intercontinental Champion

GUNTHER believes that his record-setting reign was an inevitability.

The Intercontinental Champion is only a few days away from surpassing The Honky Tonk Man’s 454-day reign, meaning he will set a new record as a result of his dominance ever since capturing the gold.

While some thought that the Hall of Famer’s record was not in danger, The Ring General never doubted himself. Speaking in an exclusive interview with WWE after the defence, the champion stated that there is no one alive that can defeat him and take away the title:

“What’s going through my mind? I’m not surprised. From the moment on I won this prestigious championship, I saw the vision. I envisioned this very moment, that I’m the one to redefine history, redefine the legacy of the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. I heard them talking, I heard them discussing their childhood heroes, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels. I heard them them talk about Steve Austin, The Rock. The reality is, when that bell rings, they all can come line up and lace my boots. Because as long as I’m alive, there’s no man born yet to take this title off me again,”

When Did GUNTHER Win The Intercontinental Championship?

The leader of Imperium’s record-setting reign would begin on June 10th when GUNTHER would defeat Ricochet to capture his first championship on the main roster. Fourteen televised defences of the championship would follow including the final hurdle that saw The Ring General defeat Chad Gable to guarantee he would break the record.

While most are congratulatory of the milestone achieved by the Intercontinental Champion, one Superstar has acknowledged the achievement in a different way.

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