Top NJPW Star Addresses Possibility Of Working For WWE

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A top star in NJPW has commented on whether he might step into a WWE ring one day in the future.

At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 on January 4th, 2024, there will be a new Global Heavyweight Champion that will be crowned. That championship will replace the NJPW US Championship that is currently held by Will Ospreay, who has also called it the NJPW UK Championship.

That match at Wrestle Kingdom will see Ospreay face former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and David Finlay, who is a former IWGP Tag Team Champion and NEVER Openweight Champion.

David Finlay is the son of wrestling legend Fit Finlay, who has worked for WWE for most of the last 22 years as a wrestler, producer, agent and many other roles. Fit Finlay is also highly regarded as one of the toughest wrestlers ever.

Brogan Finlay is the younger son of Fit Finlay and he is signed to a WWE developmental contract with reports noting that Brogan will start at the WWE Performance Center in January 2024.

In an interview with Cultaholic Wrestling’s Desert Island Graps, David Finlay was asked what member of his family could join The Bullet Club group that David currently leads.

“I guess we got my dad [Dave Finlay] as an option, the old wise man in this day and age. I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side, still. We got my little brother [Brogan], who actually just signed to NXT. I’d probably go with my dad. I’ll take experience over youth. I would go with the old man.”

Would NJPW’s David Finlay Ever Go To WWE?

As he continued, David Finlay addressed the possibility of signing with WWE in the future.

“My only contact is my dad, my only contact needs to be my dad. On one hand, it’s never been talked about officially, but on the other hand, about every other time I go over for dinner, it gets talked about. He’s like, ‘You could come work with me.’”

“When I’ve accomplished all I need to accomplish in Japan, maybe I’ll entertain the option. But for right now, I got an IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship to win and make world-famous.”

It sounds like David Finlay is focused on his NJPW that began in 2015, but perhaps he’ll follow his father and brother to WWE when he’s ready.

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