WWE Signing Wrestlers From Recent Tryouts; Including Son Of WWE Legend

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The WWE roster continues to grow as the company has decided to sign more wrestlers from a recent tryout.

It has been reported by Cassidy Haynes of that at least three wrestlers from a recent WWE tryout have been signed to deals with the company and will report to the WWE Performance Center in January to start training.

According to Haynes, those names are Brogan Finlay, Lucky Ali and Jay Malachi.

It was also stated in the report that there could be more names from that recent tryout who could end up in WWE, but they aren’t known right now.

At an ACTION Pro Wrestling event on Saturday, Brogan Finlay did a promo saying he was wrestling his last chapter for the promotion and he was moving on to the next chapter of his career.

There is some more information about the others as well. Lucky Ali was part of Deadlock Pro Wrestling while also making appearances for ROH, GCW and CZW. He lost the DPW World Title on September 17th.

Jay Malachi is the reigning DPW World TItle. An interesting stat about him is that he’s only 19 years old, so he’ll likely be one of the youngest wrestlers in the WWE system when he gets there.

Brogan Finlay is the son of WWE legend Finlay

If you’re wondering about the Brogan Finlay name, he is the youngest son of WWE’s David “Fit” Finlay, who works for the WWE NXT brand and the Performance Center as a trainer. Finlay has worked for WWE for most of the last 22 years when WWE bought WCW. Fit has worked for WWE in many roles including a wrestler, a Producer and currently as a trainer.

Perhaps the greatest thing that Fit Finlay did in his WWE career was help the growth of the women’s division. Trish Stratus and many other women in WWE have spoken about how influential Finlay was in growing the women’s division.

Fit Finlay’s oldest son David is one of the biggest stars in New Japan Pro Wrestling as the leader of the Bullet Club group.