Tony Khan Receives Road Dogg’s Backing For “Life In Danger” Claim

CM Punk Tony Khan

Tony Khan has received support from an unlikely source in the wake of CM Punk’s exit from AEW.

AEW All In was the biggest night in the company’s history but it also proved to be a watershed event after CM Punk was involved in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry that led to Punk being “terminated for cause” by Tony Khan.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE executive Road Dogg admits he doesn’t know how he’d have handled the CM Punk situation backstage and came to Tony Khan’s defence after the AEW boss received criticism for saying he felt his life was in danger during the ordeal:

“I don’t know what I would have done you know what I mean. But I don’t have to know because I’m not a billionaire company owner you know what I mean? So it really doesn’t matter what I would have done.

“But I’d like to say like, outright up front. And I covered this a little bit but man, it is two different worlds. And for somebody who over the past three years, has really had their eyes open to different perspectives and different things going on in not only the United States but globally and just looking at things through different lenses are trying to seek other perspectives. And they attacked the dude for saying he was scared?

“Everybody attacking the dude is like, you see him, you know who he is, you know what he is? He’s not one of the performers. He’s not on his father’s soccer teams or football teams, or you know what I mean? Like he’s a kid that grew up loving wrestling and very protected, and then he saw two dudes almost go ahead and try to pull each other’s eyes out or whatever.

“But so my point is, you got to understand his perspective and not say, ‘Oh, my God, what is he talking about?’ Like, he might have, people get scared and situations like that. So I don’t know, man. It’s just, it’s just made me think how quick everybody was to jump on him because he said he was scared. Everybody in my house, except maybe me and my son, the other three members would have probably been scared and sad in that situation. And yes, the other three are female. I just wanted to bring that up for clarity. But, but that’s three out of five. You know what I mean?

“People would be scared in that situation. The person who fights at the gas station is a dying breed, man, you’re not allowed to do that anymore. And, some of us have gone away from that time kicking and screaming. But you don’t do that anymore, you’re not allowed to swing on anybody, no more. That’s why everybody can talk and feel freely about that’s where the rubber is gonna meet the road is when all this goes down.”

While the details of the backstage incident remain somewhat sketchy there have been suggestions that CM Punk was “more than lunging” at Tony Khan as well.

Tony Khan comments on CM Punk firing

At the post-All Out press conference, Tony Khan did not get into the details of CM Punk’s firing and if the former AEW World Champion is beholden to any length of non-compete clause.

However, Khan has since called the decision “the right move” and has received backing from those in the company such as Jeff Jarrett. Not everybody, however, believes Khan has handled the situation well with one constant critic saying Khan brought the whole Punk ordeal on himself.

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