Jim Cornette Says Tony Khan Brought CM Punk Situation On Himself

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Jim Cornette has a lot to say about CM Punk being fired by AEW.

CM Punk is no longer with AEW after the company announced that the star had been “terminated for cause with immediate effect” on September 1st. That news came on the back of Punk’s involvement in a physical backstage altercation with Jack Perry in Wembley Stadium at All In. Tony Khan has described fearing his life was in danger during the incident and confirmed that Perry remains suspended indefinitely by AEW.

One man who has been a staunch supporter of CM Punk during his time in AEW was Jim Cornette and it’s safe to say that news of Punk’s firing has not gone down well with the legendary wrestling manager.

Speaking on his podcast, Jim Cornette launched into a scathing attack on everyone except CM Punk and noted that he believes Punk leaving AEW works out best for him:

“So again if Perry hadn’t f*cking mouthed off and just gone and done his garbage pre-show match, then nothing would have happened. And if nothing would have happened, then Punk would be on the pay-per-view in the United Center in Chicago and people wouldn’t be f*cking all over Twitter and all over Chicago and all over the wrestling world going Tony Khan is a f*cking dickless pussy.

“He’s brought this on himself and I said at the top of the thing, sometimes the bad guys win. It’s actually it’s a win for everybody except the fans and Tony. Punk doesn’t have to put up with these f*cking children anymore. He’s old, he’s tired, he’s hurting. He works with children. Well, you don’t have to work with children. You don’t have to get hurt anymore from working with the children. He’ll still be old. And maybe you’ll get better sleep. So he’s going to improve his situation.”

Cornette continued by suggesting that due to The Young Bucks and their associates AEW will only be able to attract talent from two distinct camps:

“Now the Buckaroos and the camp Cucamonga and all of the friends and relatives know that they can do anything they want, they can wipe their feet, they can wipe their ass with Tony Khan. And it doesn’t matter what’s best for business. It’s just what they want.

“As a result, the talent that AEW will be signing here will be one of two categories. Either the Chris Jericho category, I’m going on the downhill side of my career, I’m gonna milk this billionaire for a tonne of f*cking money.

“Or the guys who have no [experience] want to be on TV and they want to play with their friends and they have no choice and they’re going to f*cking but the guys who are in the prime of their career, the Cody’s have already left any young talent from the WWE that’s been used in any fashion that has any kind of name that has any kind of future in wrestling that could be potentially a draw for AEW, they don’t want to go there.

“Because the Buckaroos and I don’t know if Kenny is even in on this, I think he’s too much of a wishy-washy douchebag even to be mean to people. But the Buckaroos and that Hangnail and all of their ilk, if you’re a bigger star than they are, if you’re a better talent than they are, well, there’s a lot of those. If you’re a more serious wrestler than they are, they don’t want you around because they don’t want anybody bringing any level of professionalism into that goddamn daycare centre.”

CM Punk looked for WWE return

There have been reports that have emerged since Punk’s firing which suggested the star was looking for a return to WWE during his time off from the company in late 2022. That came after Punk’s infamous backstage fight with The Elite at All Out 2022.

Punk was off suffering from a torn tricep he suffered in his All Out match with Jon Moxley but the report noted that despite that, he was keen to return to WWE as a surprise entrant in the 2023 Royal Rumble. It was also believed he’d want to compete at WrestleMania 39 against the man he wanted to eliminate him from the men’s Rumble match, Kevin Owens.

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