Mark Henry On CM Punk’s Firing – “There Should Be No More Complaining”

Mark Henry holding an AEW microphone

Mark Henry believes that previous issues in AEW will now fade away following the departure of CM Punk.

Henry stated that the firing of Punk would benefit the company in the long run. While wrestling fans all have their rightful opinions on Brawl Out, drama at Collision tapings and what happened at All In, the former World Champion is linked to all of these events.

Henry was asked about everything that has taken place regarding Punk while appearing on Busted Open Radio. The former World Heavyweight Champion was first asked if he feels that Punk’s release will make AEW a better place, to which Henry responded that it would. The Hall of Famer would go on to describe how morale will likely improve moving forward.

“Now, you can freely go and there will be no more complaining. There should be no more complaining. The problem is gone. The so-called problem is. Everything should be sh*ts and giggles and unicorn pee and rainbow blankets. That’s what it should be now. I’m curious to see how it’s going to be. The problem is solved.”

In addition to Henry’s view that there will be much less complaining, it is also believed that any roster split that was in place at the promotion will now be phased out.

Mark Henry Believes In Consequences For Actions

Prior to the decision being made about Punk’s future, Henry was asked about the All In controversies on a previous appearance. Henry believes that there needed to be consequences for what took place at Wembley Stadium or else events would simply keep repeating themselves.

H/t to Fightful.