AEW Brand Split Is Over

Tony Khan stands with AEW roster

No AEW talent will be exclusive to a weekly show.

Moving forward there will be no roster split in All Elite Wrestling, meaning that anyone could be on any show. Prior to this, fans wanting to see The Elite in action could only do so on Dynamite while fans wanting to see FTR wrestle would have to do so on Collision. The news was broken by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio:

So the brand split is over between Dynamite and Collison, it’s all gone. In theory, everyone is going to be on every show. Bryan Danielson will likely be a regular on Collision because it works better with his schedule. And that’s that.

Why Did AEW Split The Roster?

Multiple members of the roster were kept apart due to the events that took place one year ago at All Out 2022. Following CM Punk’s infamous comments at the post-show press conference and the reported locker room fight afterwards, Punk, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were all suspended.

The Elite was brought back to TV at Full Gear 2022 while Punk still needed time off to recover from his injuries and require surgery. Punk was ready to return in June when Tony Khan announced that their newest show Collision would be airing on Saturday nights. This was the start of the roster split to keep both parties separate and prevent further altercations. The Elite camp would wrestle on Wednesdays and Punk would wrestle on Saturdays. The only time that both parties would be in the same venue would be during pay-per-view events.

Following the firing of CM Punk on September 2nd, Khan believes that there is no longer a necessity for a roster split in the company as all parties are willing to work together.