CM Punk “More Than Lunging” At Tony Khan At All In

CM Punk Tony Khan AEW All Out media scrum

Dave Meltzer thinks he’s been “far too kind” to CM Punk in the wake of his firing from AEW.

CM Punk is gone from AEW after the company announced that he had been “terminated with cause effective immediately” from both his talent and employee contracts in AEW. The situation surrounding Punk in the company had become untenable following a backstage incident with Jack Perry at All In which was believed to have been caught on camera.

One report also suggested that after the two AEW stars were broken up CM Punk “lunged” at Tony Khan while telling the boss that he quit. In a statement that aired at the beginning of Collision, Khan noted that he felt that his “life was in danger” as a result of the incident.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that he believes he has been too kind to CM Punk in reporting the supposed lunge and believes it was even worse than that:

“Throughout this whole ordeal, you [Bryan Alvarez] and I were far too kind to him. That’s the reality, we were far too kind. I always tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, I always tried to give his side. But they didn’t want to hear it, they just wanted to go, Oh you are after him, and everything like that. Lunging was far too kind. If you saw the actual wording of what was said, I was toning it down. It was more than lunging.”

What next for AEW now CM Punk is gone?

All Out in Chicago will be the first pay-per-view event since CM Punk’s firing, coming just one week after All In at Wembley Stadium.

It is believed that any sense of a roster split between Collision and Dynamite will no longer exist leaving the door open for The Elite and many others to appear on the Saturday night show.

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