Tony Khan Reveals If He’s Scissored His Own Daddy

Tony Khan Shahid Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has spoken about the scissoring craze sweeping his company and reveals if he’s ever partaken in it with his father, Shahid.

“Oh scissor me Daddy” is the chant that can be heard every week in AEW at the moment as fans show their support for scissoring as well as AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed and their own Daddy Ass, Billy Gunn.

While not everyone might be on the scissoring hype train, one man who very much is on board is company President and CEO, Tony Khan.

Speaking on WEEI 93.7 in Boston, Tony Khan revealed if he’s ever had the urge to shout “Scissor me Daddy Khan” over a family dinner and partaken in the finger fun with his father, billionaire Shahid Khan:

“I never have, that’s fascinating, now I have to. Nobody would appreciate it more than him. He loves AEW and gets a kick out of the fans supporting it. He has worked in Detroit and the only reason AEW is possible is because of the hard work he put in that allowed us to make this big upfront investment to launch this company that has been a huge success.”

“Thanks to his hard work and taking a gamble on something that, honestly, when I started this up, he didn’t necessarily believe in at all and it led to a lot of arguing about whether this was a good idea or not but it’s proven its a very good idea and I think he’s glad he supported it. He would love that and I will try to scissor him.”

Scissor fever will reach Boston when Dynamite emanates from the city on the 9th of November. The Acclaimed will be in action as they team with FTR to take on Swerve In Our Glory and The Gunns.

h/t Fightful