Tony Khan Has A Dream For AEW Streaming

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has a big dream of where AEW could end up in the streaming world.

AEW is on the verge of the biggest show in the company’s history with All In set to take place on August 27th inside Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Tony Khan’s company has confounded expectations as AEW has found a home on US television with three weekly shows before its fifth anniversary. But according to the man himself, he wants even more broadcast options for AEW in the future.

Tony Khan says AEW streaming service would be “tremendous”

Speaking to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Tony Khan noted that he believes AEW has the beginnings of a strong streaming offering and hopes one day the company’s content will land on Max – the streaming service owned by Warner Bros Discovery:

“We have all the bones for a really strong streaming platform. It would be a very strong addition to any streaming platform, and my dream is that it all lands on Max. It would be tremendous. Right now, AEW All Access is available on Max, which is very cool, and hopefully, that is a step in the right direction, getting our stuff steaming.

“We have a great library. All together, with everything I own, it’s thousands of hours of great wrestling and the AEW catalog has grown so much considering we started this thing from scratch four years ago. I believe the streaming service will happen. As to where it is and what platform it is, that’s something that I believe largely will be influenced by Warner Bros.”

Interestingly, a new report has indicated that Warner Bros Discovery could be interested in bringing WWE programming to its networks. The dream looks to be closer to a reality for Khan, as a classic episode of Dynamite has been made available to view on-demand.

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