Tony Khan Reveals “One Of My Greatest Nights As A Wrestling Producer”

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has named which AEW event will go down as one of his greatest nights behind the scenes.

With AEW hurtling towards its fifth anniversary as a company and its biggest-ever show when Tony Khan’s promotion invades Wembley Stadium with over 80,000 fans, the CEO has now had plenty of experience putting shows together. One match that will take place at All In has now put him in mind of one of his best nights on the call backstage.

Speaking on the pre-All In media call, Tony Khan discussed the first outing between The Young Bucks and FTR back at Full Gear 2020 and called the show one of his “greatest” as a producer:

“It was a dream come true to have that match in Daily’s Place for the first time ever. I actually sat in Gorilla producing that match and I had Shaq sitting next to me. I watched it with one of my heroes and he was blown away by the quality of the match and the quality of that show.

“That was one of my greatest nights as a wrestling producer, Full Gear 2020 in Jacksonville and the, the energy of the crowd, even though it was a physically distanced crowd and you’re only putting 25% capacity in because of COVID restrictions, the people that showed up that night made that a great show, including the fans who came and of course, the wrestlers who made it a great night of wrestling and, to have FTR versus Young Bucks here, it’s a really big deal.

“If you look back at, some of their history over the years and how far this goes back, it really is a throwback, to the old days of Daily’s Place.”

Tony Khan quiet on FTR troubles

Tony Khan would not comment on the recent legal troubles of Cash Wheeler after the FTR star was charged after allegedly brandishing a gun during a “road rage incident.”

However, the AEW boss did indicate that The Young Bucks vs. FTR match will be going ahead at All In, saying there’s “no reason to believe as of now that there will be a status change to the tag team title match, obviously, we’ll keep an eye on that situation.”

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