WWE Executive “Not Sure” FTR Would Move Ratings

ftr dax harwood cash wheeler

Whilst a WWE Executive would love to have FTR back on the roster, he doesn’t feel they would help get the ratings other people would.

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were two of the cornerstones of NXT’s tag team division during the first black and gold era, winning the brand’s titles on two occasions. After moving to the main roster they won the belts on both Raw and SmackDown, however things didn’t go as well as on NXT and eventually the pair were released by the company.

Quickly picked up by the fledgling AEW, they’ve gone on to be two of the ‘Top Guys’ the company can rely on, including being the current and two-time Tag Team Champions.

Whilst many would put the pair as some of the first names on their roster, one WWE Executive has explained why he’d be quick to pick up CM Punk if he were available rather than Harwood and Wheeler.

“I’m Not Going For Those Guys”

In a discussion on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, ‘The Road Dogg’ Brian James discussed how he’d have FTR back in WWE, however if it came down to a decision over who would help the company get the higher ratings, he’d choose CM Punk above the tag team specialists.

If FTR came back, you’d hear on the internet how great it was, (but) I’m not sure the ratings would move.

With Punk, it’s a little (different) — I believe he’s above them. If I had to grab somebody, it’d be Punk.

Look, if I had to get FTR back, I’d get them back in a heartbeat, too, because they’re a great tag team and will shore up our tag team division. But, I’d go for Punk — I’m not going for those guys and the same thing with Young Bucks.

Whilst there has been talk that the plans for FTR at All In could change due to Cash Wheeler’s recent dealings in court, nothing has officially been announced and MJF went so far as to confirm that their contest with The Young Bucks at Wembley Stadium is still on.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.