Tony Khan Wants To Expand AEW Roster Despite Cuts

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan wants to make more signings.

On April 1st several AEW and ROH talents were released from their contracts. In the past, Tony Khan has resisted releasing talents en-mass, instead preferring to allow their contract to expire.

Despite the cuts, Khan has now admitted he’s looking to expand the roster.

During a media call ahead of ROH Supercard of Honor, Khan was asked about the talent cuts by Jason Powell of ProWrestling.Net. In response, he said he had plans to continue the expansion after making changes to the budget.

“I am very, very proud of the AEW roster. We have a great group of women and men and a lot of great talent working in ROH. Any time we have to let someone go, it’s a tough call. We’ve expanded the company greatly this year, and I can tell you that I definitely plan to continue the expansion. I think we’ve built the best roster in wrestling, and I have no intention of stopping. I am gonna keep the foot on the gas pedal.

We’re gonna keep going after top talent, and to do so, we need a war chest, and it’s important to keep an eye on the budget. I definitely value the people who work here, and any time you have to make a cut, it’s a very tough call, and these are fluid situations. They’re all different from each other,”

Khan went on to describe the situation as “fluid,” adding that he wants to increase the budget.

“I think these are all fluid situations. In some ways, it was me trying to make changes to the budget. I’m actually expanding our budget, growing it, but to do, I did have to make some cuts because we’re growing the company, and I am gonna be very aggressive when it comes to the big-name free agents for the rest of the year, as we already have been in the first quarter of the year, adding big names like Kazuchika Okada, Mercedes Mone, and Will Ospreay. I think that these are all different situations.”

Tony Khan Confirms Anthony Henry Will Return

Despite firing him just days earlier, Tony Khan confirmed Anthony Henry will return to the company. Henry’s departure had caught many by surprise given his popularity as one half of The Workhorsemen. To make matters worse for the star, he was recovering from a broken jaw when he received the call, having suffered the injury at an indie event.

During the call, Khan said now that he’s “thought about it” Henry will return.

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