Tony Khan Confirms AEW Star Will Return Just Days After Being Fired

AEW President Tony Khan

In an unlikely twist, Tony Khan has confirmed one recently released star will return to the company.

On April 3rd, Anthony Henry was released alongside several AEW and ROH talents. Henry’s departure caught many by surprise given his popularity as one half of The Workhorsemen. To make matters worse for the star, he was recovering from a broken jaw when he received the call, having suffered the injury at an indie event.

Following his release, Anthony Henry admitted he could retire, commenting that he was unsure whether he wanted to continue wrestling.

In response to a question from Jason Powell of during a media call ahead of AEW Supercard of Honor, Tony Khan revealed he’s changed his mind on Henry’s release. The AEW and ROH boss said that after thinking further, Henry will return when he’s back to full fitness.

“As an example, one of the things that has come up is Anthony Henry. He’s somebody who’s done great work in ROH.

I really like Anthony and his team, The Workhorsemen. Anthony got injured on an independent show. I do think when our wrestlers, there’s a double-edged sword here, when we book independent shows, injuries can happen, and there’s a risk to that, and they can affect the wrestler’s career, and frankly, here in AEW, it changes our plans, or in ROH, it can change our plans when the talent get injured here, and by the same token, it changes our plans when people get injured on the outside.

Any time anybody gets injured here, I feel responsible, and when it happens on the independents, it’s a challenging gray area. I’ve had a little bit of time to reflect and think about it. Anthony’s gonna be healing up soon, and I’ve thought about it, and Anthony’s gonna come back to AEW and ROH when he’s cleared, which is gonna be pretty soon, and I think we’ve worked something good out. So I’d like to have Anthony back in AEW/ROH,”

Henry was quick to celebrate on social media but denied that he found out he was heading back to AEW at the same time as fans, revealing he was called in advance.

Tony Khan Released Stars For Failing To Show Up To Work

During the call, Tony Khan confirmed he’d released The Boys for no-showing multiple events. Brandon and Bret Tate have been a regular part of Dalton Castle’s act since the summer of 2022, having first worked with the star almost a decade ago.

Jose The Assistant, Jora Johl, Gravity, Stu Grayson, Parker Boudreaux, and Slim J were all released alongside Henry and The Boys.

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