AEW Stars Fired For Not Turning Up To Work

Tony Khan AEW

More information about the recent AEW releases has come to light.

On April 1st several AEW and ROH talents were released from their contracts. In the past, Tony Khan has resisted releasing talents en-mass, instead preferring to allow their contract to expire. However, that policy has seemingly changed with the likes of Anthony Henry, Stu Grayson, and Dasha leaving the company.

Among the releases were The Boys who regularly appear alongside Dalton Castle. Bret and Brandon Tate sometimes known as The Tate Twins have been part of Castle’s act on and off for almost a decade before being released.

The releases caught many fans by surprise given their close association with Castle, but Tony Khan has now given more details on why they were let go. Speaking on a media call ahead of ROH Supercard of Honor, Khan said that the duo failed to show up for work on multiple occasions, meaning he had to make the tough call to let them go.

During the call, Khan also said he’d be bringing back Anthony Henry.

Fired AEW Star Replaced On Collision

While several of the released stars hadn’t appeared on television in recent weeks, Dasha had been the regular announcer on Collision. At the most recent taping in Worcester, the popular figure was replaced by Ring of Honor’s Bobby Cruise.

It’s unclear whether Cruise will remain in the position on a permanent basis.