Former AEW Star Hints At Retirement Following Release

AEW Logo over roster

One AEW star’s wrestling future is uncertain after leaving the company.

Since AEW launched back in 2019 Tony Khan has decided against cutting talent who are under contract, instead, letting their deals expire before moving them on. Although there have been exceptions where Khan has allowed talent to leave who have requested their release, such as William Regal.

However, CM Punk claims he asked to leave AEW long before he was fired, only to have his request denied.

The comments from Punk came just hours before Tony Khan released several AEW talents, confirming a shift in policy.

One of those let go was Anthony Henry who has been performing as part of The Workhorsemen with JD Drake. To make matters worse for Henry, he’s currently out injured, recovering from a broken jaw.

In a post on social media, Henry admitted that following his release, he’s unsure whether he’ll continue wrestling. Henry began his career in 2012 and wrestled for the likes of Evolve before landing in WWE in 2021. The star, who wrestled as Asher Hale, was released just eight months into his run.

The amount of support I am receiving during this very difficult time is amazing, and I appreciate all of it. I don’t know what is next for me. I don’t know if wrestling is something I still want to pursue. I am devastated. Regarsless, I am always a #workhorsemen

Who Else Was Released By AEW?

As well as Anthony Henry, Dasha, Jose The Assistant, Jora Johl, The Boys, Gravity, Stu Grayson, Parker Boudreaux, and Slim J were also released on April 1st.

Parker Boudreaux’s release came just hours after he claimed he hadn’t left the company after making an appearance in AAA in Mexico.