Tony Khan Defends Controversial AEW Spot

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan didn’t have much of a problem with one of the craziest moves in AEW history.

At the last AEW pay-per-view Revolution, Tony Khan decided to put a tag team match in the main event as Sting & Darby Allin defeated The Young Bucks in a chaotic Tornado Tag match that saw Sting & Allin retain the Tag Team Titles.

That match was Sting’s retirement and it’s a match that earned a lot of praise as one of the best matches in Sting’s career. The match also featured one of the craziest spots in AEW history when Allin jumped from a ladder onto a pane of glass that was on the floor after Matt Jackson saved Nick Jackson from taking the move through the glass. Allin ended up with a lot of cuts on his back and could have been seriously hurt.

One critic who blasted the spot was former wrestling manager Jim Cornette, who isn’t shy about trashing AEW and Tony Khan.

“Now, here’s two things; was it real glass or was it fake glass? Well, to be honest, I don’t know, because these people are stupid enough to use the real sh*t. But it cut Darby’s back open everywhere, he was punctured and sliced and whatever the f*ck. But besides that, it blew into a million pieces.

So whether it was fake glass or real glass, if you get that in your eye, if someone in the crowd opened their mouth at the right time and it went down their throat, or some kid if it lands in their drink and they drink it and they are choking.

What the f*ck! Whether it was fake glass or not it was a real bump off a 15 foot ladder through sh*t onto chairs on the concrete.”

Cornette also went on to blast Darby Allin for taking so many risks in matches.

“Darby Allin is the biggest f*cking moron that has ever stepped foot on this earth and drawn a breath. He’s a goddamn mental case and he ought to be put away somewhere for his own safety and those of others. He is not producable because he is a complete idiot.”

“Even if you tell him don’t do this sh*t, you make the business look like sh*t, you make it phoney as f*ck and you’re gonna kill yourself and we are gonna lose our investment in you because you ain’t gonna be worth a sh*t, all those many reasons.”

“He just wants to do this sh*t because he doesn’t care whether he hurts himself or not, which is the classic textbook definition of a f*cking moron!”

Tony Khan Trusts Darby Allin

While talking to TV Insider, AEW’s CEO Tony Khan made it clear that he trusts Darby Allin when it comes to taking those crazy bumps during matches because Tony says that Allin finds a “safe way” to pull off those kinds of moves.

“It has to be something safe. Whenever a wrestler comes in and wants to try something, especially dangerous, I just want to know that there is a safe way to do it. Darby Allin, every time, he has ever had an idea for a wild highsport or a crazy move, he has had a rationale and plan.

“Darby doesn’t take these things lightly. Nobody would have attempted the amount of crazy, wild, death-defying stunts Darby has done in his tenure and made it this far unless they are a methodical, organized planner. In Darby’s case, he is fanatical about finding a way to pull off the impossible and do these incredible, seemingly death-defying stunts.”

“He always finds a safe way to pull them off. He always has a rationale for why he is able to do it. That’s what impresses me, the way Darby plans his matches and his biggest moves.”

In the same interview, Tony Khan also refused to address AEW firing announcer Kevin Kelly.