Jim Cornette Blasts Complete Idiot AEW Star After Revolution

Jim Cornette angry

Jim Cornette has given up on one AEW star.

At AEW Revolution, Darby Allin teamed with Sting in The Icon’s final match to defeat The Young Bucks.

Any thoughts that Sting might take it easy on the big night were blown away immediately. The bout featured an incredible number of stunts with Sting being thrown through a pane of glass and thrown off the stage through a pile of tables to name just two.

However, it was Darby Allin who scooped many of the headlines after diving from a ladder in the ring to the outside and through a sheet of glass held in place by rows of chairs. As a result of the death-defying dive Allin’s back was immediately covered in blood, but surprisingly needed only 12 stitches to repair the damage.

Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on the match and explained why he felt Allin’s dive was too dangerous.

“Now, here’s two things; was it real glass or was it fake glass? Well, to be honest, I don’t know, because these people are stupid enough to use the real sh*t. But it cut Darby’s back open everywhere, he was punctured and sliced and whatever the f*ck. But besides that, it blew into a million pieces.

So whether it was fake glass or real glass, if you get that in your eye, if someone in the crowd opened their mouth at the right time and it went down their throat, or some kid if it lands in their drink and they drink it and they are choking.

What the f*ck! Whether it was fake glass or not it was a real bump off a 15 foot ladder through sh*t onto chairs on the concrete.”

Jim Cornette Blasts Darby Allin

Cornette went on to explain that he’s “finished” with Darby Allin following the match, describing the popular star as “the biggest f*cking moron that has ever stepped foot on this earth and drawn a breath.”

“Here’s why I am finished with Darby Allin. Unlike most of these guys that AEW has jerked off the indies, he’s got some talent and some charisma. He has an appeal…

But they have made it so preposterous that nothing can stop him and the littlest guy can just come back from everything.

Then, we have gotten to know that as a person, as a human being, Darby Allin is the biggest f*cking moron that has ever stepped foot on this earth and drawn a breath. He’s a goddamn mental case and he ought to be put away somewhere for his own safety and those of others. He is not producable because he is a complete idiot.

Even if you tell him don’t do this sh*t, you make the business look like sh*t, you make it phoney as f*ck and you’re gonna kill yourself and we are gonna lose our investment in you because you ain’t gonna be worth a sh*t, all those many reasons.

He just wants to do this sh*t because he doesn’t care whether he hurts himself or not, which is the classic textbook definition of a f*cking moron!”

Darby Allin is due to take some time off from AEW in order to climb Mount Everest. The star revealed that he leaves for the expedition on March 27th.

H/t to ITRWrestling