Tony Khan Still “Can’t Really Comment” On CM Punk

CM Punk WWE Return: The Door Is Not Completely Closed

Tony Khan was quick to shift the focus away from CM Punk in a recent discussion on AEW.

CM Punk was fired by AEW on September 2nd following the conclusion of a week-long internal investigation into a confrontation Punk had with Jack Perry at AEW All In.

News of Punk’s termination sent shockwaves through both AEW and the wider wrestling world, and has since led to widespread speculation on Punk’s future.

Some fans believe Punk is WWE-bound as a hot commodity, others think that he will leave pro-wrestling in general, while others still have argued that this could be a temporary thing and that he could still return to AEW sometime in the future.

However, fans shouldn’t expect any comment on the CM Punk matter from Tony Khan anytime soon. If his response to a CM Punk question on an episode of Superstar Crossover is any indication, Khan isn’t interested in discussing Punk anytime soon.

The moment he was asked about Punk, Khan quickly issued a “no comment” and pivoted to something more positive in nature.

“Well, I can’t really comment on that. I appreciate you asking but I’m very excited about the things we are doing. Like I said, we’ve been on probably the best run of AEW pay-per-views we’ve ever had and the TV shows have been really strong. We’ve had a lot of great matches both on TV and pay-per-view, and it feels like this week, it’s all really coming together.”

How did CM Punk get fired from AEW?

CM Punk’s two-year time in AEW was mired in disagreements and disputes with others in the locker room. He originally had an issue with Hangman Page over an allegedly unscripted “worker’s rights” comments that contradicted how Punk was being booked in their singles feud.

as the weeks progressed those comments simmered in Punk’s mind and soon he began believing that The Young Bucks were behind allegations that Punk was the mastermind behind his former friend Colt Cabana being relegated to a lesser show.

Punk made public disparaging comments towards The Elite in the All Out 2022 post-show media scrum, which led to a backstage confrontation between Punk and the Elite and involved several others.

Several people were suspended and Punk returned earlier this year in June as he suffered an injury at All Out. Shortly after returning, Punk was said to have further issues with people like Ryan Nemeth, and Jack Perry as he believed they were bringing turmoil to AEW Collision, which was considered “Punk’s show.”

Then when Jack Perry made an unscripted comment into a camera referencing his disagreement with CM Punk, Punk confronted Perry and also allegedly Tony Khan. This led to an internal investigation that concluded with Punk’s termination.

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