AEW Legend Thinks CM Punk Could Run His Own Wrestling Shows

CM Punk

CM Punk is no longer a part of AEW and one legend in the company thinks that perhaps Punk will start running his own wrestling shows.

One of the biggest wrestling news stories of 2023 took place last week when All Elite Wrestling decided they had enough and fired CM Punk effective immediately.

A statement from AEW CEO & GM Tony Khan said that Punk was being fired “with cause” due to his latest backstage fight with Jack Perry at the AEW All In pay-per-view two weeks ago.

Since CM Punk’s release, news has come out that he not only had a wrestler contract with AEW, but also had an employee contract that saw him working closely with Tony Khan, especially with regard to the content that aired on the Saturday night AEW Collision that Punk has been the star of since June.

Jeff Jarrett Thinks CM Punk Could Run His Own Wrestling Shows

There are a lot of questions about what is next for CM Punk in pro wrestling. It’s not really known what his non-compete clause might be and even if he was free, there are questions about if WWE would be interested in a guy that literally walked out of the company nearly ten years ago in January 2014.

Jeff Jarrett currently works for AEW as a wrestler and also behind the scenes. During his career, Jeff has been inducted into the WWE & IMPACT/TNA Hall of Fame while also running the Total Nonstop Action promotion from 2002 for nearly a decade.

While speaking on his My World podcast, Jarrett pitched the idea that CM Punk might want to run his own wrestling shows.

“I don’t know his headspace. I don’t know any of that, but if I was a betting man, what’s the downside to doing something completely on his own? Name the card [his] way. He don’t want to be grinding every week, I don’t think. Do four shows a year — one on the east coast, one on the west coast, one in the midwest and his hometown, and pick another one and see what happens.”

As he continued, Jarrett spoke about why he thinks CM Punk would be successful running his own pro wrestling shows.

“In any form of sales, selling cars, selling houses, selling any product, [businessmen ask themselves] how are you new? How are you different? How are you going to cut through the clutter and how are you going to market and promote it well? I think Phil (CM Punk) has the ability to check all those boxes. It can be a different type of show.”

Since his AEW release, CM Punk has not commented publicly on what happened so there’s no indication what he might want to do next in his career.

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