CM Punk Was Working Directly With Tony Khan Prior To AEW Firing

aew CM Punk Tony Khan

CM Punk and Tony Khan had a close relationship before the events that took place at All In.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Punk had two contracts while he was employed by AEW, one as a pro wrestler and one as an employee. The report goes on to state that no one exactly knew what Punk’s title was in regard to the backstage role, but he was working alongside Khan on creative aspects of Collision.

It is also believed that Ace Steel was a part of the creative team for the Saturday night show as he was brought back into the company after being fired following the All Out 2022 incident. Steel was brought back due to the requests of Punk. However, it was reported on September 7th that Steel has once again been informed that his services are no longer required within AEW.

Why Did Tony Khan Fire CM Punk?

Despite the closer relationship between the head of the promotion and the former World Champion, Khan believed that Punk’s actions at Wembley Stadium were inexcusable. Following the announcement that Punk had been released, Khan would appear on Collision just hours later to elaborate on his decision. Khan would give his statement on the matter, noting that he feared for his life while at All In.

It has been reported that following Punk and Perry’s physical altercation at All In, Punk turned his attention to Khan. Sources have stated that Punk “lunged” at his boss, but was stopped by multiple members of the roster. Following the confirmation that Punk had been let go, it has since been reported that “lunged” was putting Punk’s behaviour lightly.