Tony Khan Admits 2 AEW Stars Will “Never Be Friends”

Tony Khan AEW

AEW and Tony Khan have not had their troubles to seek with issues between members of the roster and now Khan has admitted that two of his top stars are never going to get along.

While headlines were dominated in recent months with the issues between CM Punk and The Elite, the AEW All Access show has shone a light once again on the problems between Thunder Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

Baker has questioned why Rosa stayed away from AEW for so long despite La Mera Mera being injured with Rosa responding that she simply wasn’t booked for shows so never turned up.

Speaking on Busted Open, Tony Khan was in promoter mode for the company’s All Access show when he was asked if Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker are likely to face off again in the future:

“Well, we’ll have to see, Thunder Rosa is not cleared to return to the ring yet. When she is, certainly we’ll welcome her back with open arms in AEW and it has been an interesting situation. Some of that stuff, I think, should stay behind closed doors but that’s where All Access does give fans a great chance to see what happens behind the scenes. So we’ll have some more All Access taking a look at what happens backstage when Thunder Rosa comes back to AEW.”

Khan then referenced the reported backstage meeting that took place when Thunder Rosa returned to AEW for Spanish language commentary duties and the rest of the company’s women’s division:

“I know that the locker room and Thunder Rosa at times have had some stuff. I also think that that should be largely between everyone that was in the room. There is a point of All Acess where I have to make a decision [and say] okay, this is as much access as anyone who is backstage would reasonably get. So you’ll see me making some tough choices about what we do and don’t show.

“I do think that in the future, Thunder Rosa is a great wrestler and has been a great champion in AEW. I look forward to having her back and she’s done a lot of the things we would ask on the path to return and tried to make amends with some people but there are some things you can’t amend.”

Tony Khan then discussed the relationship between Rosa and Baker and admits that the two women are never going to be friends:

“There are some people that are never gonna get along. There are some people that are never gonna be friends. Dr. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa are not going to ever be friends and they are not ever going to get along. As for what the future is with them, I would say it’s probably gonna be an intense rivalry for as long as both of them are wrestling. These are not two people that are ever gonna be buddies but it’s something to follow for sure. Thunder Rosa, we look forward to having her back in the ring.”