Britt Baker Still Has Questions Over Thunder Rosa

Britt Baker Thunder Rosa

Dr. Britt Baker DMD says she still has questions over the injury that saw Thunder Rosa eventually relinquish the AEW Women’s Championship.

In late August 2022, Thunder Rosa announced in a backstage promo that she had to take some time away from the ring due to injury and therefore could not defend her AEW Women’s World Title at All Out. A four-way match took place featuring Toni Storm, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Jamie Hayter, and Hikaru Shida to crown an interim champion with Storm picking up that win.

As Rosa’s back injury proved to be more prolonged, she was eventually stripped of the title with Storm’s reign retrospectively considered a full title reign as is the current champion’s, Jamie Hayter.

There had been reports that other AEW stars were not happy with Thunder Rosa over her injury claims with some insinuating that La Mera Mera might be faking it, something that Rosa has strongly refuted.

Now it looks like the bad blood between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker is going to rear its head again after Baker was seen in the trailer for AEW All Access discussing with Hayter and Storm Rosa’s decision to relinquish the AEW Women’s Title while still going out on the road to make convention and signing appearances.

Speaking to SLAM Wrestling, Britt Baker was asked if she still felt the same way about Rosa’s situation and says she still has that same question:

“I stand by everything I said because I still have the same questions… You are traveling all over the place for other projects but you’re not coming to work where you are the champion? I have that question. I want to know why. I am just asking that question because I’m very passionate and protective of AEW.

“Anyone can call me a bully but I stand by that and that question still hasn’t been answered to this day. People like Adam Cole would have killed to be able to come to work but he cannot travel. It is not like he was going in and doing a signing or convention or a seminar. They’re not coming to work but he wasn’t able to even leave the house.”

Thunder Rosa returned to AEW in February 2023 when she joined the Spanish language broadcast team for Dynamite and it is believed that there was a meeting to clear the air between talent at that show.