AEW Bringing CM Punk Back Is “Stupid” Says WWE Hall Of Famer

CM Punk

With plans seemingly in motion for CM Punk to return to AEW, a WWE Hall Of Famer has hit out at both the star and the company.

The actions of CM Punk following All Out 2022 are extremely well documented, with the AEW World Champion at the time stripped of his title and suspended by the company. However, in recent weeks the rumblings have grown stronger that he is set for a return.

In a discussion on his Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff has pretty much slammed the decision by AEW, claiming they’ll get everything they deserve if they bring CM Punk back.

Good luck, you deserve whatever you get. Turner, you’re a frickin’ mess, you’re not the company you used to be.

There’s executives in that company that couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a compass when it comes to making a good decision if this is the direction that they’re going. Good frickin’ luck.

Continuing on, Eric Bischoff described CM Punk as a “cancer” and explained how his return will cause bad morale.

It’s no different than any other work environment, if you’ve got somebody who’s a cancer, if you’ve got somebody who constantly rubbing people the wrong way, creating a negative environment, creating hostility, dividing people within the team, why have him around? That’s not going to create anything, it’s just stupid.

Yes, it does create bad morale, it does. Bad morale, whether it’s in a wrestling locker room or office environment or anywhere else is not productive, it’s counterproductive, why do it? This guy’s not saving anything, he’s not going to turn AEW’s business around.

Bischoff has already been vocal on the return of CM Punk, making it clear he wouldn’t sell his soul for him.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.