Eric Bischoff On CM Punk – “I Wouldn’t Sell My Soul For That Piece Of Garbage”


Eric Bischoff has given his thoughts on AEW running All In in Wembley Stadium and explained why he wouldn’t bring CM Punk back for the event.

The issue of CM Punk in AEW has come to the fore in recent weeks with the newest reports suggesting that the wheels are in motion for Punk to make a return to the company over the summer in time for the All In show at the 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Speaking on Strictly Business – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Eric Bischoff explained why he wouldn’t bring CM Punk back to AEW for the Wembley show because he thinks Punk would end up getting all the credit if the show does well:

“I think Wembley’s gonna do great, with or without Punk. I would prefer if I was Tony Khan, to do it without Punk. Because that makes a real statement, right? Who drew the house? Did AEW draw the house, or did CM Punk draw the house? … I would absolutely not book CM Punk on that show, even though I would know that doing so would ensure more sales. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t sell my soul to that piece of garbage.”

However, if Punk is going to return to the company in time for the event, Eric Bischoff has a plan in mind that he thinks could sell out Wembley and it involves Goldberg:

“Book CM Punk and Bill Goldberg. You want to book something that’s gonna sell out Wembley? Book that. Bill Goldberg’s last match, against CM Punk. Dare you. Dare you. Grab your balls, TK.”

Goldberg has previously discussed wanting to have one last match and doesn’t necessarily need it to be in WWE while there have also been suggestions that All In at Wembley Stadium could act as a curtain call for another legend’s in-ring career.

h/t Wrestling Inc.