TNA Star To Stay With Company Following Miscommunication

TNA Logo over blurred Killer Kelly

Big changes have been taking place in TNA in 2024 but it seems rumours of one star’s exit were premature.

Back in January, the promotion reverted to its TNA branding, and an air of optimism surrounded all involved. However, since then, uncertainty has taken hold after Scott D’Amore was replaced as President despite being incredibly popular with popular talent. Several TNA stars banded together and sent a letter to parent company Anthem Entertainment sharing their concerns around D’Amore’s departure.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that former champion Steve Maclin’s contract will expire in May.

On March 23rd it was reported by PWInsider and Fightful Select that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley said an emotional farewell to the company during the latest set of tapings. The pair, better known as the Motor City Machine Guns are expected to become free agents on April 1st. However, there was also a suggestion that Killer Kelly was done with the company as well.

Killer Kelly Staying Put In TNA

Fightful Select has now reported that Killer Kelly isn’t leaving TNA after all. There was said to be a miscommunication within the company about her status and she has a contract that runs until August 2025. The phrase “finished up” had been used leading to people thinking she was done but is instead simply taking time off instead.