TNA Talent Extremely Angry By Surprise Firing

Scott D'Amore TNA

There is a new name at the top of TNA Wrestling with Scott D’Amore fired as president of the company.

The wrestling world was stunned when TNA announced they had replaced Scott D’Amore as president of the company. D’Amore had overseen the renewed momentum in the company and spear-headed the re-brand from Impact Wrestling back to TNA.

Now it seems TNA’s parent company Anthem held a Zoom call with staff and talents to discuss the changes. Anthem boss Len Asper was joined by new TNA president Anthony Cicone to address D’Amore’s exit.

PWInsider reported that talents were told Scott D’Amore “stepped down” from his role which did not sit well with them as this was not the case and wasn’t even what the company said in its official statement announcing D’Amore’s exit.

New president Cicone is said to have read a prepared statement which many did not like but others felt he was put in a no-win situation considering D’Amore’s popularity with the roster.

TNA World Champion Moose was clearly not happy as he took to social media to share his thoughts on the situation and indicated he’d be lying low for a while:

I’m lost for words…..Shutting down for a few days.

Reports have suggested there had been major disagreements at the top of TNA that led to Scott D’Amore’s departure.