Tiffany Stratton Reveals How WWE Star Boyfriend Helped Her Career

Tiffany Stratton WWE NXT Women's Champion

Tiffany Stratton said her boyfriend, also a star in WWE, has helped her immensely since beginning her wrestling career.

NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton has been romantically linked to Raw star Ludwig Kaiser for a number of months, and speaking in a new interview with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, she opened up about his influence on her career. After praising Kaiser for helping GUNTHER with his incredible body transformation, she spoke about him helping her understand the world of professional wrestling as she comes from the world of bodybuilding and gymnastics.

“He definitely did (help GUNTHER get in shape). He is a big help in my career honestly. He has helped me so much. He has helped me understand wrestling and he’s helped me with matches and where to put my skills and he honestly helped me with my finish, like coming up with a finish for me. He’s helped me a lot. He has really helped me a lot with everything.”

Elaborating on the conversation about her finishing move, Stratton says she’s well aware that AEW’s Christopher Daniels did the move for years, and she’s decided to put her own spin on it.

“I definitely knew that Christopher Daniels did it (Best Moonsault Ever) but I didn’t realize how much on social media, people were gonna be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s doing the Christopher Daniels Best Moonsault Ever’ so, I thought I might as well just take the Best Moonsault Ever gimmick and put Prettiest Moonsault Ever in front of it so, yeah.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Tiffany Stratton admitted she can be a very irritable person.

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