Tiffany Stratton Admits “I’m A Very Irritable Person”

Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton says her brash on-screen personality isn’t too far from her in real life.

At the age of 24, Tiffany Stratton is already rising to the “Tiffy top” in WWE NXT. At NXT Battleground in May, the star defeated Lyra Valkyria in the finals of a tournament to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion after the title was vacated by Indi Hartwell.

She’s also made a name for herself on the microphone, delivering scathing insults to her opponents and making it clear that she believes she’s the best.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on a recent episode of Out of Character, Stratton opened up about her on-screen persona, saying it’s not far from who she is in real life and that she manages to harness one of her negative traits in order to make her character better.

“I would say a lot of it is kind of just my inner thoughts. It’s just me actually saying it. Honestly, if I’m going to be real, I kind of just take what I think and I like to turn it up a bunch of notches. I’m a very irritable person. It’s not a good trait to have, but I guess it is for the character of Tiffany Stratton.”

Prior to signing with WWE, Stratton was an accomplished gymnast who turned to the world of bodybuilding when her love of the sport began to wane. Later in the interview, she spoke about finding the world of wrestling by flipping through channels on TV, believing she could do everything she saw stars such as Charlotte Flair accomplish in the ring.

“I would say I was flipping through the channels. I came across a random Friday Night Smackdown and I saw Charlotte Flair. I saw that she was blonde, she was buff, she could flip, she could talk some crap, and I was like, that is literally everything that I can do.”

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