Tiffany Stratton Talks Getting Praised By WWE Legend

tiffany stratton wwe kendo stick

Tiffany Stratton revealed in a recent interview that a legendary WWE figure praised her over a recent performance.

In the main event of NXT No Mercy last Saturday in Bakersfield, California, Tiffany Stratton competed in the biggest match of her WWE career so far. Stratton challenged Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship in an Extreme Rules Match with Stratton looking to win back her title.

The two women would go on to have a very physical match that saw them battle all around the ringside area and they even fought into the crowd as well. They used weapons throughout the match like kendo sticks, chairs, tables, and even dolls. In the end, Lynch picked up the win with a Manhandle Slam on a pile of chairs.

After the match, Tiffany Stratton said that she was going to be a WrestleMania main eventer “sooner rather than later” and there are likely many people who believe that. Stratton is just 24 years old and has only been in WWE for about two years, yet she continues to prove she belongs with the best in the business like Lynch.

Paul Heyman praised Tiffany Stratton due to her presence in a backstage promo

To set up the NXT No Mercy match, Stratton and Lynch had some interactions in the weeks leading up to Lynch winning the NXT Women’s Title from Stratton on September 12th.

At WWE Payback last month, Stratton had a backstage interaction with Lynch where they exchanged words.

In an interview with WrestleRant’s Graham “GSM” Matthews, Tiffany Stratton revealed that the legendary future Hall of Famer Paul Heyman had some encouraging words for her.

“I actually had Paul Heyman come up to me, and he said that I did a really good job in my backstage with Becky with holding my own. Yeah, just like holding my own and being able to stand out even with Becky Lynch right there next to me.”

As for her future, Tiffany Stratton believes she’ll be ready whenever she gets called up to the main WWE roster.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a little reassuring for sure to know that they have been putting me on Raw and giving me backstages here and there. It’s definitely been reassuring and I’m really excited [for] when I get called up. I hope it’s soon, but whenever it’s right, I will be ready.”

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