Tiffany Stratton Proclaims She’s A Future WrestleMania Main Eventer

tiffany stratton wwe kendo stick

Following an impressive performance at NXT No Mercy, Tiffany Stratton has a bold prediction about her WWE future.

In the main event of NXT No Mercy on Saturday night, Becky Lynch defended the NXT Women’s Championship against the woman she beat for the title, Tiffany Stratton.

Instead of just doing a regular match for the rematch, they decided to up the stakes by having an Extreme Rules Match that allowed both women to use weapons and fight around the ringside area and even into the crowd.

The match between Lynch and Stratton was more of a fight than a regular wrestling match. They were not shy about using weapons like tables, kendo sticks, chairs and even a barbed wire baseball bat came into play. Stratton even suffered a small cut around her right eye while Lynch needed stitches after the match.

What was really impressive about it is that Stratton has only been wrestling on WWE TV for less than two years while Lynch is a 20-year pro that has been part of WWE over the last decade.

Lynch ended up winning the match with the Manhandle Slam onto a pile of chairs, but it was Stratton who really turned some heads in terms of putting on an impressive performance, even in defeat. Many people have proclaimed it one of the best NXT matches this year and one of the best women’s matches in all of WWE this year.

Tiffany Stratton feels that she will be a WrestleMania main eventer soon

On Instagram, Tiffany Stratton did a post saying that she is going to be in the “main event of WrestleMania sooner rather than later.”

“Name an assignment I didn’t understand 💅🏼
I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be, but tonight was different. The man @beckylynchwwe brought it to me on another level unlike anyone ever has, but I brought it right back, I said what I said and I’m not going anywhere. See you all in the main event of wrestle-mania sooner rather than later! Toodles.”

At 24 years old with only two years of experience in WWE, Tiffany Stratton is clearly a rising star with a bright future. If she makes it to the main event of WrestleMania “sooner rather than later” then it might not be a surprise to people that saw her performance at No Mercy.