Thunder Rosa Nearly Cleared, Will Compete In “Mini-Match”

thunder rosa aew womens title

Thunder Rosa will be back in an AEW ring sooner rather than later.

The last time Thunder Rosa was seen inside any wrestling ring anywhere in a year as her last match took place on August 10, 2022 for an episode of AEW Dark Elevation.

Since then, she has been dealing with a serious back injury and the painstaking process of rehabbing it to the point that AEW’s doctors are comfortable enough to let her wrestle again.

Now, after months of waiting and speculating, Rosa has an actual timetable for her in-ring return.

Thunder Rosa to be wrestling regularly for AEW by either end of August or early September

Rosa posted a vlog update in which she described having a long conversation with AEW’s chief medical expert Michael “Doc” Sampson and he told thinks that she should be ok to wrestle in about three weeks’ time.

“Good news. She’s been doing well, we’re at week four. She’s been religious with her training, as she always has been, but religious with her training, doing everything we’ve asked her to do.

Next week, if I can share, we’re going to be in Greensboro, and we’re going to do a five-minute mini-match and see how you tolerate that. We’re just taking the steps up. If that looks good, we’re almost there.”

To help her body reacclimatize to pro wrestling, Sampson have her permission to wrestle a five-minute “mini match” on the August 12th edition of Collision.

Despite this imminent return, and despite the fact that Rosa has remained involved with AEW by providing Spanish-language commentary, there are still some people in the company that have unresolved issues with her, especially over how she dealt with her title relinquishing last summer.

h/t Fightful