Thunder Rosa “Upset A Lot Of Women” In AEW

Thunder Rosa

Despite things now being patched up, a current AEW star has mentioned that Thunder Rosa needed to come back and apologize due to upsetting people.

Thunder Rosa has been confirmed as one of the stars who will be competing on AEW’s new Saturday night show, Collision, after recently appearing backstage at Dynamite in her return to the company. The former Women’s Champion had been away for an extended period due to injury and reportedly having a falling out with many in the locker room.

In a discussion on The Corner Podcast, current AEW star Saraya has commented on the situation, and how AEW All Access has been running a lot of those issues back.

Oh my gosh, people need to get over that dude (Britt Baker & Thunder Rosa dynamic)… Thunder loves to talk. That’s for sure. She definitely loves to talk and people think Britt talks a lot but it’s not — the reality show was filmed ages ago and they’re just repeating the story so everyone thinks it’s Britt bringing up all this stuff and then she gets asked questions about it in interviews and then it brings it all up again. She’s not going out there and doing it but Thunder just likes to talk about it.

Continuing on, Saraya noted that whilst Thunder Rosa had to come back and apologize, the AEW locker room is one of the best she’s been in.

Thunder, yeah, she had to come back and she had to apologise to the locker room because she upset a lot of women. I wasn’t there at the time so it’s not my problem, I don’t need an apology. It is what it is. But she apologised to the locker room, you know, and the locker room is fine. Everyone’s happy, everyone gets along.

This is one of the best locker rooms I’ve been in. Everyone’s so sweet to each other, everyone welcomes each other in. If anyone has a problem, they’ll bring it up and yeah, I love the locker room. People already know the Thunder story. They just love to spin it and make it bigger and then they talk on Busted Open [Radio] and then like, ugh.

With thanks to POST Wrestling for the transcription.