Thunder Rosa Critical Of Controversial WWE Angle

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa isn’t a fan of a recent WWE angle.

Ridge Holland returned to NXT on December 19th, where he confronted NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov. The British star said he wanted to re-establish himself in WWE and move on from the “accidents” and “injuries” that have followed him in recent years.

This set up a match between Dragunov and Holland later in the episode, but disaster struck — at least in storyline — when the Champion was forced to leave the ring on a stretcher with Holland exclaiming “Why always me?”

The angle drew criticism from some fans online, due to Holland being involved in the accident in 2022 where Big E suffered a broken neck. The former WWE Champion is yet to return to the ring, and Ridge Holland has received death threats with some fans blaming him for the incident.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, AEW star Thunder Rosa broke down the divisive angle.

“When you have to run angles when it’s very close to reality … his opponent, of course, was the one who was in the ring when Big E got hurt, and he got hurt fairly badly to the point where it’s an ending career injury.

It got intense [on Twitter] because people were calling him [Holland] all kinds of stuff, probably even got death threats, who knows.”

The former AEW Women’s Champion went on to question the wisdom of running the storyline, given Holland’s unfortunate involvement in the Big E accident.

“For me, personally, there are certain things that … they have to have a big payoff and I think you have to be in the ring and you have to sign it with blood. When you’re playing with fire with someone who already has a bad ‘track record,’ it’s going to be difficult.

If they label him as an unsafe worker and they then do this and it turns out to be true, what else are they gonna do?”

Thunder Rosa To Make In-Ring Return

It’s been announced that Thunder Rosa will be back in action on the December 23rd episode of AEW Collision. Rosa made her return to AEW TV on December 16th, coming to the aid of Abadon as she was attacked by Julia Hart and Skye Blue. On Collision, Rosa will team up with Abadon to get revenge on the pair.

Rosa has been out of action since August 2022 due to a back injury, she was the AEW Women’s Champion at the time and eventually had to give up the gold.

H/t to Wrestle Talk