WWE TV Ends With Champion Stretchered Out

WWE ambulance

WWE NXT has gone off air to the worrying scene of the NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov being stretchered out of the arena.

The last time Ilja Dragunov was seen by fans at home in a WWE ring was at Deadline when he successfully defended his NXT Championship against Baron Corbin. Dragunov knows he faces a challenge from Trick Williams in his future after Williams stunned the field with a thrilling come-from-behind victory in the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

However, before a showdown between Dragunov and Williams takes place, the NXT Champion was in a reflective mood as he appeared before the crowd on the NXT show that aired on December 19.

Dragunov reflected on his achievements in 2023 before discussing his plans for the coming year when he was interrupted by Ridge Holland. Holland recently ended his Brawling Brutes partnership with Butch on the WWE main roster and told Dragunov that he wanted to climb back up the ranks in NXT to earn a title shot. But more than that Holland wanted redemption after being involved in some high-profile injuries.

Ridge Holland Wants To Move On From WWE Injuries

Big E suffered a broken neck in 2022 after a suplex from Holland on the outside of the ring. Holland was also implicated in the injury suffered by Elton Prince in July 2023 where he separated his shoulder.

Dragunov agreed to meet Holland in a match later in the evening but it ended in disaster when Dragunov appeared to land on his head during a move leading the referee to call for medical help. Ridge Holland looked distraught and called out ‘Why always me?’ indicating that the apparent injury suffered by Dragunov is part of a storyline moving forward.

Ilja Dragunov was stretchered out of the ring and wheeled towards an ambulance as the show went off the air. A telltale sign that Dragunov’s injury is not legitimate is that the WWE officials made sure to drape his NXT Championship over him while he was on the stretcher.