The Young Bucks Talk New AEW Deal – “We’re The ‘E’ In AEW”

The Young Bucks Nick Jackson Matt Jackson

The Young Bucks are remaining All Elite for the foreseeable future.

Alongside Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson were part of the foundation of All Elite Wrestling back in 2019. Since Rhodes returned to WWE last year, there have been months of speculation on whether any of the other Executive Vice Presidents would follow suit.

That was all put to rest on August 2nd when Sports Illustrated broke the news that all members of The Elite – which also includes ‘Hangman’ Adam Page – had re-signed and would be staying with the company “for years to come.”

Speaking to SI about the decision, Matt Jackson made it clear that The Elite are the “main characters” in the promotion, saying that without them, it could “collapse.”

“We’re literally the ‘E’ in AEW, The Elite are the main characters of this company.

“No matter how different AEW is now from its original inception, we are the DNA. And if you lose the foundation of your home, it eventually collapses.

“It’d be a lie if I said that didn’t weigh on us, when making the decision.”

His brother Nick admitted that a big part of the decision for him was the lighter schedule involved in AEW, which allows him to spend more time with his family.

If we’re going to be honest the schedule was a huge part of it. I have a wife and three young children and seeing them as much as possible was a big factor. I’m not going to lie, the money was a huge factor, too.

“At this point of my life and career, I just couldn’t see myself being on the road half of the year or even more than that. I have so much respect for the guys and girls that are able to do that year after year.

“We for sure could’ve made memories in WWE, but what’s more important to me is making memories with my family. With the position we’re in, I’ll be able to do that and still make memories in AEW.”

Matt would also like to create memories, mainly the memory of creating a “massively successful wrestling company” he can tell his grandchildren about.

“In my older years of my career, being closer to the end than I am the beginning, I’m not really one who worries much about my legacy anymore.

“I’ve kind of noticed, like a summer tan, most memories fade. Or, they’re remembered differently or told with errors anyway. Oftentimes the memory is almost instantly forgotten, because you hit the refresh button.

“As far as my own personal stories, I’ll have enough to retell my grandchildren for a lifetime. And much of those stories can be about how I helped create a massively successful wrestling company where all of your favorites can be seen on live television every week.”

Besides legacy, Matt agrees with his brother that it was the best decision for his family.

“Ultimately, I made the best decision for my family. Working in AEW will allow me the most time with my children, and they’re still at the young age where they need their dad home as much as possible.

“Having the strongest marriage possible with my wife Dana is so important to me as well. When wrestling is finished, I want to come home to a full, healthy home.”

As well as his family at home, Matt says The Elite itself is also like a family, and the group has stuck together just like they promised one another.

“The entire Elite was going to make the decision of where we were going, together. And that’s what we did. We stuck together. Which isn’t typical in the wrestling business.

“But again, I used the word family earlier. We’re not just locker room pals. We’re more like a family. And we did what the family wanted.”

What does the future hold for The Young Bucks in AEW?

When it comes to the future of The Young Bucks in AEW, Matt says their goals are simple, they want to “p**s more people off” and “make people happy.”

“Our next goal in AEW? P**s more people off. Make people happy. Continue to think outside the box. Tell unique stories. Share a laugh with the guys in the locker room. Make my parents proud. Shine a light in an often dark place.”

Kenny Omega has also spoken about his own decision to stay with the company, citing how rewarding it is to be an EVP as well as having the opportunity to continue competing at a high level.