Cody Rhodes Reveals If He Still Talks To The Young Bucks

cody rhodes wwe promo arm

Cody Rhodes has shared some insight into his relationship with two of the men that helped him launch AEW, the Young Bucks.

The relationship between Cody and Matt & Nick Jackson goes back years to before AEW was even an idea. When Cody joined Ring of Honor he found himself touring and working with the Bucks, Kenny Omega, and many others in their inner circle.

As the years went by, that group grew closer, until they liked and trusted each other to enter into a daring business venture that would later become known as AEW.

Although Cody was seen as one of AEW’s founders, over time it started to look like he had less input in the company’s management and direction than others. And when he left AEW to return to WWE, many fans wondered if that departure was due to his relationship with the Young Bucks souring.

However, Cody Rhodes has put that rumor to bed after revealing to Fightful that he and the Bucks still speak and appear to still be on friendly terms.

“All the time, all the time. We have to really thank Matt & Nick too because the BTE footage that’s in this, that I think most people are going to be blown away that it’s in there, we couldn’t tell the story without them.

They were so generous to allow us to use that. Mostly Matt & Nick talk about how we don’t think anyone remembers that we did this and did that. We kind of go back and forth on that. I think that’s our bond.

Matt, Nick, and I have a great relationship, Kenny and I have a great relationship. We’re bonded forever. If we never step into another ring together, I would have their back and I hope they have mine and I really wish them the best in whatever they do but again, thank you to Matt and Nick Jackson for allowing that footage which allows the real story to be told because I think I saw some people thinking this would be revised.

Maybe revised to my perspective, but not the fiction, the reality. Matt & Nick are a huge part of it, Kenny as well so I’m glad it’s in there.”

Cody’s last match in AEW was on January 26, 2022 when he lost the TNT Championship to Sammy Guevara on the Beach Break episode of Dynamite.