The Young Bucks “Being The Elite” Show Taken Over By AEW Group

The Young Bucks AEW

The Young Bucks no longer have their BTE show, but a rival group in AEW has taken it over.

Since May 2016, The Young Bucks duo of Matt & Nick Jackson had a popular YouTube channel called Being The Elite.

On the channel, they had a weekly show about their travels in the wrestling business from when they were working the independents and of course the launching of AEW in January 2019. Many of the Bucks’ friends and colleagues appeared in various skits on the channel over the last seven-plus years as well.

At AEW’s most recent pay-per-view called Full Gear on November 18th, The Bucks lost a high-stakes tag team match to their friend Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, who the Jackson brothers don’t like in AEW storylines. The Omega/Jericho team winning also took away the title shot that the Bucks had earned. In the storyline, The Young Bucks friend Brandon Cutler has issued statements about how The Young Bucks were taking a break.

Recently, it was reported that The Young Bucks would no longer be doing their Being The Elite show. It’s all part of an upcoming heel turn for Nick & Matt.

The Young Bucks BTE Channel Taken Over By The Dark Order

While The Young Bucks are no longer running their BTE Channel, it has now been taken by the AEW stable known as The Dark Order featuring Evil Uno, John Silver & Alex Reynolds. That trio has been a part of AEW since day one, but are not featured heavily on television.

In the first episode of “Being The Dark Order” on YouTube, Evil Uno claims that he purchased BTE for an undisclosed amount of money and renamed it the BTDO featuring Uno, Silver & Reynolds.

There are several AEW stars in the first episode of the new show.