Could The Rock’s WrestleMania Plans Be Derailed By Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon The Rock WrestleMania 39 logo

A new report has indicated whether or not a potential WrestleMania match for The Rock will be helped or hindered by Vince McMahon’s WWE return.

Vince McMahon shook the wrestling world yet again in the first week of 2023 when he returned to WWE’s Board of Directors before being installed as the Executive Chairman. Despite his new role, the message from WWE is that Triple H is still in charge of creative but there is said to be a feeling that a return to television for McMahon could be coming sooner rather than later.

With WrestleMania 39 on the horizon, many are now wondering where the company is heading for that show and if the long-standing rumour of The Rock making a return for a headline match is going to come true. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, a Vince McMahon return won’t affect what The Rock is going to do but his WrestleMania presence is still far from confirmed:

“The basic thing is that Dwayne Johnson is going to do what he has the time to do. If he has time, the Vince stuff is going to have no impact whatsoever. He’s going to do it if he feels he can do it well and he has time to train for it. Which he may not because of the XFL.”

“The Vince thing will have no impact. A sale to Saudi Arabia is a different story but that’s not gonna happen before WrestleMania anyway most likely. Vince coming back, is it going to affect John Cena? Is it going to affect The Rock? No, they’re going to do whatever they were going to do before.”

“They expect John Cena at WrestleMania, and as far as The Rock goes, it just depends on his schedule. I would say we’re within two weeks of a yes or no on that one because they’ve got to have their answer by Royal Rumble because they’ve got to know what to do at the Rumble.”

“I don’t know what his answer is. I look at the schedule, he’s got to promote this XFL, I don’t know that him doing WrestleMania promotes the XFL. But if he’s got time to get in shape for the match and train for the match, he’ll do it, and if he doesn’t, I don’t believe he’ll go there to be out of condition and have a bad match.”

A match between The Rock and Roman Reigns has long been rumoured as WrestleMania goes Hollywood in Los Angeles once again.

h/t WrestleTalk