The Rock & Oprah Announce ‘People’s Fund Of Maui’

The Rock and Oprah

The Rock and Oprah have joined forces to raise money for Maui communities affected by recent devastating wildfires.

The two megastars have announced the creation of the People’s Fund of Maui and guaranteed that donations will go directly to Lahaina residents. This includes giving those who have lost their homes $1,200 a month to help with their recovery

The Rock and Oprah have kicked off the venture by donating $10 million themselves. Information on how to donate to the find can be found on their website.

“We’re honored to announce the People’s Fund of Maui, a fund putting money directly in the pockets of those who were affected by the recent wildfires.

“As @Oprah and I have seen firsthand, the impacts of these wildfires have been devastating, and we’re here to ensure with 100% guarantee that your donations will go directly into the hands of Lahaina residents.

“Every adult resident who lives in the affected area and was displaced by the wildfires in Lahaina and Kula is eligible to receive $1200 per month to help them through this period of recovery. All you have to do is go to to apply.

“We are honored to start this campaign with $10 million dollars and ask for your help in donating to those who have lost their homes. We thank you in advance for your contribution.”

The wrestling community has been raising funds for Maui

Since the scale of the devastation caused by the wildfires became apparent, many in the wrestling community have been doing their part to raise funds. AEW President Tony Khan recently rebranded a week of programming as ‘Fight For The Fallen’ with the events raising money for the affected communities. This included the bizarre Texas Chainsaw Massacre bout, which raised over $100,000 alone.

WWE star Bayley also announced that she would be raising funds for the cause by auctioning off some of her old ring gear.