Jeff Jarrett: Sponsor For Texas Chainsaw Massacre Match Thought It was “Incredible”

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Match

Whilst saying the sponsorship figure mentioned for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match is “well off”, Jeff Jarrett has discussed how much the sponsors enjoyed the match.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch took place on the 16th August 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, between ‘The Last Outlaw’ Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy. Whilst Leatherface made his AEW debut during the match, it was Jarrett who came out on top after some help from Satnam Singh.

There had been reports that the match had cost $100,000 to sponsor, however on his My World podcast Jarrett dismissed this, saying the number is way off.

Just to let you in on this, the number that’s being reported online, that’s why I haven’t commented on it, it’s way low. It blew me away.

Match “Way Over Delivered”

Jeff Jarrett also spoke about the reception to the match, which could easily be called mixed online, but said the sponsors were very happy with what they got.

The sponsor’s exact words, ‘Incredible. Way over delivered.’ Okay, so that’s a win. It’s my understanding across the board, the network, because they’re the ones that, you know, I guess they now have, and you know, it’s not that this is the first and certainly it’s not going to be the last, but you know, when you build a deck and hey, ‘We did this for this client, this for this client, all that’, obviously it goes without saying the top man, T.K., super excited, and look, his sole decision. That was up to him.

When the funds are going to Maui, that kind of says so much to me, but the audience being so passionate about it, I love that, okay, that lit a nerve. Not always good. Some people just didn’t like it, but I loved it. I thought it was an honor to be in that type of integration. It was definitely out of the box. I thought Jeff Hardy and his entire crew, you can say executed it to a T.

I’m not a horror movie guy, but Leatherface, that clip of him walking down the aisle and throwing the chainsaw and he was supposed to be on our side, but Sonjay got his ass kicked, Karen got ran off, and all the integration, just look at the images in the background, production, across the board, it was a grand slam in so many ways. For those that didn’t like this kind of stuff, I will say this without question.

It certainly will make you appreciate, more, your four and five star matches. So yes, it actually served a purpose to you as well. It will make you appreciate, ‘Hey, I don’t like that, that integration stuff. I like this stuff.’ So I’m super excited that, mission accomplished.

Jeff Jarrett had seemingly been set to face Grado at AEW All In, although if latest reports are to be believed that match is not going to be on the card.

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