The Rock Hints At More WWE Appearances

The Rock poses on WWE Raw

The Rock is just getting started.

At WWE Raw Day 1, The Rock made a surprise appearance on the show to kick the new year off in spectacular fashion. Triple H had teased an appearance from a former WWE Champion and after a swerve involving Jinder Mahal, The Great One arrived.

After running down and then dispatching Mahal with a People’s Elbow, The Rock hinted that he’s got an eye on Roman Reigns, quipping that he might grab some food and sit at the head of the table.

The following day the WWE legend took to Instagram to thank fans for their support on Raw, hinting that it might not be the last time ‘the people’ see him in a WWE ring.

It all hits differently.
The theme, the crowd, the connection, the reaction, the electricity, the chills – the mana.
Helluva way to bring in 2024.
Grateful, blessed & inspired to forever be,
the People’s Champ.

We’re just getting started ⛰️

Roman Reigns Responds To The Rock

The appearance and subsequent reference to Roman Reigns have sparked speculation that the pair could meet at WrestleMania 40, or Elimination Chamber. Interestingly, it’s been reported that Australian officials have made a pitch to bring The Rock to Elimination Chamber on February 24th, but a WrestleMania main event between the pair would seemingly be hard to resist for WWE.

The comments from The Rock didn’t go unnoticed by Roman Reigns who posted a crying laughing emoji on social media.